How You Been Here ?  

              I'm mixed of Thai ,mother and Chinese, my father. It was complicated since I'm still kid. Their divorce when I'm small. This how I was being told when I'm 10. My mother realise she is mistress. She can't take it and divorce . So I was grown up with my father and his wife, Which I called her Mum as well. Because I only being told that I had a new mother , Real mother when I'm 10. 

              I'm the youngest son in the family, I was being treated like the pearl ,Chinese said . My father pass away when I'm 7 years old . He left nothing to us. He left us SHIT , yes ! It's SHIT in the cupboard , swing door cupboard . Few months before he left me , his sickness already made him lost control , running here running there..shit here and there with the shit... go outside ask people treat him a cup of TEH Tarik , which is milk tea in Malay. 

             When that particular of time , I felt quite miserable . I'm being bullied by 40s old unemployed uncle , being placement from house to house of different relatives . That particular moment that taught me . I NEED TO CREATE VALUE FOR MYSELF and PEOPLES . Then only,I'm able to survive . I adapt myself in so much differ environment, please others by learning to know what people want. Sometimes , it really bad times. I just said simply a single wrong words. I being scolded ,sabotage and no meals for a day .





             How I keep on day by day train myself ? OC ??? OverClock my mind ? Of course not , Observe and Curiosity is the main key . Since that young moment ....I keep on learning , testing, exploring , until I grown up . That sculpture who I am today . 

"How to make people happy ? laugh? " 
"What will make people give me meal?
"Which words to avoid when people are angry ? on bad mood ?"
"Which kids are rich kid are dangerous to approach for playing?
"Why the uncle smile when he doesn't looked happy ?" 
 ~ all these is my daily mindworks

How I started to DESIGN my Growth and Career

            My father was prosperous when I'm 2-4 years old , but he ended up nothing when he left me . I know is getting rich by conserve wealth is not my way . I need to get the right people in my world. Sometimes money can get somebody to do something ,it's normal.  But when somebody do something for you without money intention , it's special . 

           I know I need to learn something about it . About human , about behavioural , about mentality , about psychology , about things that related human minds and thinks. When I'm 18 , I pursuing my diploma in Singapore . I had attend a courses "The Powers of Numbers" By Dr Oliver Tan . It's about Date of Birth and Individual Personalities and Behavioural . My Curiosity always there. That's the time I started real explore myself , when I know where I'm heading. 

I read books and attend courses which can't escape from few core value 










          Fundamental of Growth is KNOW DEEP REAL ABOUT YOURSELF ! When you know about yourself, you can design your GROWTH and CAREER . This is how I did it. You know how to major your strength and minor your weakness .Change negative habits and embrace REAL beauty of you , even is a flaw to others . Don't Give A Shit About It!

Human Behavioural Science

It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one;

if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.”


Do You Feel Be A Dad is a Drag ?

                My stories doesn't give me warm from family . I decide to have my own family at young ages .Parenthood taught me so much about Life ,Relationship , Family , Love , Growth and Entrepreneur. 

"You Won't abandon your kids when they made mistakes ,

  You Will Ask them why, correct them , and Grow Together !

  Treat your business as your kids , You business will be more SOLID "


       - After my daughter are born , i realise that some relationship is build in fully giving . It wont be give and take until she is eventually grow up . They made shit , cry like nobody business, make you miserable in the public , let you change your luxury trendy bag to big nanny bag that store pampers, milk bottle , cloths.  Your newly start-up or business require your full force giving and only see returns when it's eventually grow . Business give you problems , headache , shit, debts , loss of friends before you see your success. Entrepreneurship will totally change you ! Eventually to become a Better Person !


       - When I slept in the middle of night , my daughter wanted to drink bottle milk .I woke up and prepare for her . Even my laziness and my dream girl hold me back . After she done it , I keep the bottle away and slowdown everything scare my sounds will wake her up . And it will be long sleepless night ...It's not happen once in blue moon . It happens daily for months ...I have my work stress , plus the things happens ..It train my perseverance that deeply impact my GROWTH . Don't you think REAL business will TEST Your Perseverance ? Hustle ? Your business is born from You !



"Genuine Business require solid foundation  ,

It's a combination of actions, mentality , and love .

Only weaker claims it's a Drag , The strong claims it's a GLAD"

         I Design Your Approach to Consumer , I called it Marketing . I Design your Approach to Market , I called it Branding .

I design Both for You, I called it The Next Big Thing !

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By Kasey Fong