HOW to Increase Productivity ? To Get in Shape ?

To Communicates Effectively ? 


8 Skillset That Bring Result in 90 Days

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Get All Above 

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Are You Still Struggling To Find Your Way Out

(Especially in this Years of Pandemic)

And Your Situation Is Getting WORST....

If this situation happened to you ...LET ME KNOW !

As Unpredictable Event like the Pandemic , Economic Crisis sudden happen to strike us in our unexpected way .

As an individual or small business owner , there have times in our live where we require to face good times and BAD Times.  And many of us might exposed to TONS of GURUS telling you to 



Sounds familiar ?


And we decide to attend for their Webinar...

We learn the courses for FB Marketing & Ads ......

We learn the courses name LETS Go 020 (Offline to Online).....

Watch Youtubes Video on How to Edit Pictures and Video...

We watch Videos on How the Cut off Fat and Eat CLEAN in budget way...

Whatever YOUR LIST is....

Hoping that IF we can achieve our GOAL of getting fit and make some money for Relief in Current Situation.

But Unfortounately, It Seems Doesn't Come in Your Expected Way...

FB ADS make You Spend thousands without getting you Conversion..

The O2O Seminar just keep telling You WHAT and WHY but Didn't Show You HOW ...

You are stuck in Your Photo and Video Editing Software...which require your PURCHASE their LICENSES...

Is that what happen to your right now ?Is that why you're here ?

Have you been plan out Strategy and Frameworks, But you don't know HOW to get into Execution Mode that Show RESULT ?

Perhaps, does your story sound a little bit different ?

Maybe you have bought book or a courses , and you're getting some progress (or improvement)

in you ...

But the FEAR, it might another WHAT and WHY Courses or Book ... 

Or It's Only "Motivate and Talk about Mindset", like so many others have experienced is keeping you up at night wondering if you've move toward your's plan like what you had in your mind.

Have you ever thought...

"If I Can't Make Consistent Changes On Myself    Or What I Plans Out Into Execution....

DO I Able To Make Change To My Situation?"

My name is Kasey Fong , and I'm the author of this NEW Book called Communicates & Design Your Life , and I don't think there is anyone on this planet who is as fascinated with Human Communication Behaviour like I am .

Just 8 years ago, I started a new company called KS WORKS, and as the "non-technical" co founder who had no skills in carpentry fabrication, I wasn't able to help draft out the design drawing , but I knew my role.

When it's started, I needed Communicates my product's reliability , consistency , values to my potential client in order for them to make order with my company.

To do that, I had to learn how to communicates and design approach that can instantly convince my potential client.

I couldn't rely on just Online Forum, or just words of mouth.

I need to learn how to do thing differently... I had to be smarter.

Four Years And Hundreds Of Project Later...

That was 4 years ago ...

During that time , I had lost KS Works. 

We had great revenue, but it was very hard to communicates with employees to delivers project.

Something BAD happens to ME ! 

In September of 2017 I break down . I cried when having my lunch .

I had became totally depressed. I was experienced brain stuck & tired …all day long… & it didn’t matter how much personal development work I did.

I would get a quick injection of motivation, but it always ran out. 

80% of the webinars and online learning didn't work...

Until then... 

I met my Mentors, SAKNEE. and He Coach Me out of the Situation ...

I began to Attend Workshops on Human Behaviour , NLP ,Diet and etc...

I'm Fortunate Enough to met One of My Inspiration Model . GARY Vaynerchuk

I gather and compile the "8 Important Skillset and Learning" that I had with my exploration . 

What seemed impossible before (Communicates my value to my audience that contribute revenue) was now a reality.

Because of the 8 Skillset and Learning that I implement to myself , I able to transform myself from 

  • Obese to Fit

  • Unhealthy to Healthy

  • Depressed to Active

  • Procrastination to Must Complete Attitude

  • Low Self-Esteem to Confident

Send Me Your Address...

I'd like to rush a copy of my brand

new book to your doorstep, ASAP!

You pay only $ 29.00 for shipping and handling fees

And this "8 Skillset & Learning" not only help me in terms of Personal . 

It definitely help you to create your higher achievement . 

You can see my video recording on how it able to brings me Money even some of them who paid to me not even met me in real . You will see all the transparency in this video. It create me 5 figures income a month easily. 

Yes , You might in doubt that this only applicable before PANDEMIC. 

Finish the video below . You will understand the Important and Outcome after You learn this in your life "8 Skillset & Learning " that inside this Learning. 


But It's not just about sales. It definitely will blown your mind about business. It clears the myth about Business including :-



  • We need to have Big Office, Tons of Employees , ​Driving Nice Car to Make 7 figure revenue .


  • We need to have High Education Level to Make Money ...


  • We need to have Outstanding Skillset before We make our Approach... 


  • We Require High Capital to Start Business...

  • And More ... !

Here is another example of just ONE of my Client that make my Revenue to 7 figure in a month. 

This 8 Skillset and Learning not only generates me 5 figure income . When you wanted to reach higher from 5 figure to 6 figure income ...

It can't be Overnight Result Happen . It is ONLY Possible when you able to START NOW on your Strategy , Planning , Execution from the "8 Skillset and Learning "

And that's just a part of the OUTCOME and PRACTICAL inside 8 Skillset & Learning.

"What Would Happen To Your Life

If You Able To Generates

The Same Result Like I Did

For Your Personal Life 


 Your Career/Businesses !?! " 

I spent over a year compiling the Skillset and Learning and turning it into my new book called :


Communicates & Design

Your Life

If you are looking a way to get Relief on Current Situation ( or try to improve your life in different aspect such as making more money) - these Skillset and Learning will help you to speed up the process and improve the outcome on whatever you plan. 

And now I want to help you to turn on the high performance mode , and fill your personal growth and achievement with RESULT using the Skillset and Learning in my books.

Send Me Your Address...

I'd like to rush a copy of my brand

new book to your doorstep, ASAP!

You pay only $ 29.00 for shipping and handling fees

Inside Of This NEW Book... 

Here Are Few Of The 

Outcome You'll Learn for 


Inside "This Simplest Guide" I will be sharing with you 15 Outcome to help you get Relief on Tough Situation.

Here's a sneak peak at what you'll learn inside this new book :

1. You fully equip with Self Awareness and Precise Observation that allow you to Enhance Relationship between Your Employer and Colleagues.
2. You can instantly build rapport and trust with your NEW Prospect / Client .

3. You can understand your superior ,manager or boss preference, hence you can create Proposal or IDEAS to their interest that allow you to build your performance and exposure .

Employer / Entrepreneur
4. You can decide your F.O.B (Front . Operation . Backend ) Candidates within Interview . Whether this Candidates is suitable for your expected post .

5. You can Precisely Determine the area of improvement for every Leaders of Department .

6. You can understand how to fuel up their needs whether is tangible or intangible that allow them continuously performs at PEAK .

7. You can fully utilise your current employee Strength for Different Type of Campaign like S.A.V.E Campaign .

Business Owner / Investor
8. When come to Share Allocation or Distribution of a Company , reduce Share Holder differentiation point of view . Reduce Unnecessary Argument .

9. Precisely Understand Every Management Leaders , and assist them to GROWth. To create Higher and Better Execution
10. When come to Invest on a Company, Risk Management is a very CRUCIAL elements.When Management People started looks funny ,Situation and Outcome looks unlikely, don't Allow YOURSELF fall into "To late to say SORRY " .

11. When You knew how your Children / Student Learning Technique ,It definitely will Enhance and Accelerate Their Learning Process.

12. When You knew how your Children / Student Communication Behavior , You will Reduce Unnecessary Argument, Punishment and etc . At the same time You can Enhance Relationship with Them 

13. Know Your Strength and Weakness , Sharpen Your Edge and Develop Your Curve .

14. Plan Your Career with Your Strength , And Go All In For It !

15. Present The Best Version Of Yourself when Interview and Career Approach.


Send Me Your Address...

I'd like to rush a copy of my brand

new book to your doorstep, ASAP!

You pay only $ 29.00 for shipping and handling fees

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If you knew how to get Started, you wouldn't need it. This book will show you exactly how to start Communicates with Your Talent and Design Your Ideal Life.

And if you're nervous that you won't be able to follow the learn by yourself ? 

Don't worry, I will invite you to my C&D Your Life Learning Group . You will be able to submit your question or queries inside the group . I will answer and guide you along the way . 

Oh, and in case you're wondering...

There is NO CATCH!

I know there are some websites out there that offer you something cool for free, but then stick you into some program that charges your card every month.


This isn't one of them.


There's NO hidden "continuity program" - and in case you're wondering why I'm doing this...


Well, there are actually a few reasons...

  • It's my way of saying thank you for what I had learn.I love to give back to those who deserve the chances

  • Because (unlike other "mentor's") I don't make all of my money teaching others how to make money (I actually run real businesses online & offline providing design & build service, branding consultation, corporate designing, and more)... so because of that, it doesn't hurt me to share with you my best stuff.​

  • I get another one of my products in your hands, and when you see how awesome it is, it should get you excited to buy other stuff from me in the future.

  • ​I'm kinda a proud person... I'm not going to lie. I'm tired of people throwing out conversion numbers and their stats without any real proof to back it up. I think 99% of what is said online is complete BS... so I thought it would be a breath of fresh air to publish the FACT, show the PRACTICAL STEPS and Skillset what I had, and well... TBH, I just want you to think I'm good. :-)

Chances is for Those Who Are READY

Here's why...


We've only print a few thousand copies of this book, and when they're gone... well, they're gone!  


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This book provides valuable learning and skillset and practical implementation that I and others have vigorously tested and re-tested. My company, SAY SHEJI GROUP SDN BHD, which is referenced at times in the book, is a website and branding company that helps existing businesses brands their products and services online and offline. SAY SHEJI GROUP makes no claims or representation that by using Communicates and Design Your Life book you will earn money or make your money back. Testimonials shown are real experiences from Kasey Fong and your’s experience will vary based upon the effort and education of yourself .

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