How You Been Here ?  


              I'm mixed of Thai ,mother and Chinese, my father. It was complicated since I'm still kid. Their divorce when I'm small. This how I was being told when I'm 10. My mother realise she is mistress. She can't take it and divorce . So I was grown up with my father and his wife, Which I called her Mum as well. Because I only being told that I had a new mother , Real mother when I'm 10. 

              I'm the youngest son in the family, I was being treated like the pearl ,Chinese said . My father pass away when I'm 7 years old . He left nothing to us. He left us SHIT , yes ! It's SHIT in the cupboard , swing door cupboard . Few months before he left me , his sickness already made him lost control , running here running there..shit here and there with the shit... go outside ask people treat him a cup of TEH Tarik , which is milk tea in Malay. 

             When that particular of time , I felt quite miserable . I'm being bullied by 40s old unemployed uncle , being placement from house to house of different relatives . That particular moment that taught me . I NEED TO CREATE VALUE FOR MYSELF and PEOPLES . Then only,I'm able to survive . I adapt myself in so much differ environment, please others by learning to know what people want. Sometimes , it really bad times. I just said simply a single wrong words. I being scolded ,sabotage and no meals for a day .

       "How to make people happy ? laugh? "        "What will make people give me meal? "

      "Which words to avoid when people are angry ? on bad mood ?"   

           "Which kids are rich kid are dangerous to approach for playing?    

"Why the uncle smile when he doesn't looked happy ?"       

 ~ all these is my daily mindworks

             How I keep on day by day train myself ? OC ??? OverClock my mind ? Of course not , Observe and Curiosity is the main key . Since that young moment ....I keep on learning , testing, exploring , until I grown up . That sculpture who I am today . 


How I started to DESIGN my Growth and Career


            My father was prosperous when I'm 2-4 years old , but he ended up nothing when he left me . I know is getting rich by conserve wealth is not my way . I need to get the right people in my world. Sometimes money can get somebody to do something ,it's normal.  But when somebody do something for you without money intention , it's special . 

           I know I need to learn something about it . About human , about behavioural , about mentality , about psychology , about things that related human minds and thinks. When I'm 18 , I pursuing my diploma in Singapore . I had attend a courses "The Powers of Numbers" By Dr Oliver Tan . It's about Date of Birth and Individual Personalities and Behavioural . My Curiosity always there. That's the time I started real explore myself , when I know where I'm heading. 

I read books and attend courses which can't escape from few core value 

     Metaphysic      Psychology     Human Behavioural Science   


                                                                    Business          Marketing         Branding     




It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one;

if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.”


          Fundamental of Growth is KNOW DEEP REAL ABOUT YOURSELF ! When you know about yourself, you can design your GROWTH and CAREER . This is how I did it. You know how to major your strength and minor your weakness .Change negative habits and embrace REAL beauty of you , even is a flaw to others . Don't Give A Shit About It!

You know where you are .          You know where you going .

                      ~ Design is to make a better future for People's ~

Do You Feel Be A Dad is a Drag ?

                My stories doesn't give me warm from family . I decide to have my own family at young ages .Parenthood taught me so much about Life ,Relationship , Family , Love , Growth and Entrepreneur. 

"You Won't abandon your kids when they made mistakes ,

  You Will Ask them why, correct them , and Grow Together !

  Treat your business as your kids , You business will be more SOLID "


       - After my daughter are born , i realise that some relationship is build in fully giving . It wont be give and take until she is eventually grow up . They made shit , cry like nobody business, make you miserable in the public , let you change your luxury trendy bag to big nanny bag that store pampers, milk bottle , cloths.  Your newly startup require your full force giving and only see returns when it's eventually grow . Business give you problems , headache , shit, debts , loss of friends before you see your success. Entrepreneurship will totally change you ! Eventually to become a Better Person !


       - When I slept in the middle of night , my daughter wanted to drink bottle milk .I woke up and prepare for her . Even my laziness and my dream girl hold me back . After she done it , I keep the bottle away and slowdown everything scare my sounds will wake her up . And it will be long sleepless night ...It's not happen once in blue moon . It happens daily for months ...I have my work stress , plus the things happens ..It train my perseverance that deeply impact my GROWTH . Don't you think REAL business will TEST Your Perseverance ? Hustle ? Your business is born from You !



"Genuine Business require solid foundation  ,

It's a combination of actions, mentality , and love .

Only weaker claims it's a Drag , The strong claims it's a GLAD"

         I Design Your Approach to Consumer , I called it Marketing . I Design your Approach to Market , I called it Branding .

I design Both for You, I called it The Next Big Thing !

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By Kasey Fong