What You Left For Your Children ?

Recently been meeting one of my ex school mate .

We had a quick catch up .

He had told me how he been torturing from his superior and as usual . CC , Complain and Continue .

So he just twist up and told me that he had join a insurance agency recently as part time agent and start share and get people buy their offers policy .

As robotic old fashion of Story telling , T-Up and always happen . Threatening of life events .

Conversation that trigger my thought ....I was like .....meh ??


Education Fund for children .

So ask me to start save for children education fund . So when they grow up , they can have the financial support to pursue their education . If not pursue education , it can be use as start up business funding .

#2Legacy .

Wow fantastic .This I love the most !

Tell me again that we hard to conserve wealth like 1 Mil. Need to prepare Legacy for our next generation .


I think this was a really need a change for this industry . or perhaps this agency .

I don't mean to hurt or harm anybody , agency , or any insurance corporate .

But in my perspective ,

Future of Education

The world is keep on changing everyday . I don't predict for future. I see what is going on . and coming soon . REAL SOON

#1 It might change the way of education . Instead of we paying upfront fees to study the courses or field we intend to jump in . The educator will change the method , perhaps it might be free for teaching until u fully equipped with the required skillset and mindset . The educator in return , taking off 20-30% from student salary for next 3-5 years . Due to overwhelming of graduates that are jobless .The school doesn't really equip them with the right mindset .

#2 Even Recruitment company already have courses to teach people with the right skillset to the employers requirement .



#3 Free education is everywhere . Youtube , Google , Online learning portal

more than 500 free online courses

I really always talk to people, the world don't lack of skillset . It lack of mindset .


Through out the years . My achievement doesn't link to my parent legacy .

I grow in bad times . I used to stay in low cost apartment . I used to be the bad student who had bad records filled . I used to skipped class , attendance is less than 40% a years . I'm NOT encourage you to be exactly like me . I JUST wanted to tell you . Bad start won't define who you are . But You DEFINE Who You are.

If you are good enough. CREATE YOUR OWN LEGACY .

There is only two outcome, whether is good or bad.

If my child's idea is good and reachable . GO Crowdfunding . !! People will know her REAL potential and VALUE ! It's already happened .Crowdfunding became so common nowadays.

If my child's idea is bad and sucks !Crowdfunding will not invest on it .If I still support her, which mean I'm throwing my hard earned money to the seas.

I don't feed fish , I teach fishing ! Why I should create a duplicate of me ? Asking my kids to take over my legacy ?

They should grow better than me . Cause their generation really more equip with tools and skillset . It just need how to go for it . HUSTLE HUSTLE HUSTLE !

This is my thought for you if you are in this insurance or investment industry .

#1 If you approach with part time . Don't expect people response to you with full time .

#2 Please make sure your personal brand give people confident . And you are fully trust on what you doing .

Why ? Cause people don't want buy policy with people who not sure where they are. They need SAFE ! PROTECTION !SECURE ! They need you when unexpected moment arise . Example , client had accident car crash . They lost their wallet or belongings. They injured , they need your present to help them to solve admission procedure , insurance claiming and etc... But if you work part time.

What on their minds ? "When I accident in middle of night or night time , you tell me you working on other things. You can't come assist me " "When I discharge, I need to make claims . You told me you a busy with your 9-6 works, please give me time to submit your claims."

This is how BRANDING can help you . PERSONA !

#3 Document it Out ! Every action or arrangement of your leaders or senior

#4 Commit require to trigger emotions and impulse . But use it wisely , and in right timing .

How ?Volunteer yourself to follow your superior when got client require ward admission , help client do body check up , submit claims to company and etc...anything that can related to you with your client when they need your existence .

Let your action do the works . When people are trust in you , they have intention to have extra policy . You will have your chances . Whenever have anything gathering , just don't share about your policy . SHARE your client admission experience or weird weird thing that had arises . Trigger their emotions by showing your participant and existence.

This is how SOLID MARKETING will pay you back , just matter of time . RIGHT APPROACH !

I would end my sharing of thought with

I Hopes those who in this insurance , investment industry . Can we move forward together with better approach . By reading my sharing , you can have better insight of what your prospect might be thinking .


Those who haven't have any medical protection . Please get one . With the one who you are comfortable . I tell you what , It happens to me . Buying policy with friends, end up my friends no longer work in this industry . Then arrange a unethical agent to follow . It end up in vain .

Buy with the one who make you CC, Confident and Comfortable . SAME CC . not Complain and Continue ah !

This is how We can turn same CC with different end of meaning .

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This is my FINAL WISH and GIFT to my MOTHER ,

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When She struggle in ICU, she had depression . I would like to help those who in need .

Please Spread LOVE !

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