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A quick Recap of what core essential that will be my 2018 resolution and inspiration .

Shed Simove , The Ideas Man

1) The Important of grab ATTENTION , no matter how . The Curiosity is the best Recipes !

2) Don't Over think of it result . Products failed , move on . Keep on trying is the Golden Rules for continuously for Creativity .

3) The God Story and Beside Sex Book Story is great Branding and Marketing new trigger that will create sparks of Asian Culture.

4)Crossover Industry Creativity Training !!

Conclusion for his talk , Creativity is everywhere that happen in our daily life . Break the antiquated rules that constrain our Creativity and Inspiration .

In Asia , we are used to be educated to formalities , Obedient, Systematic and Restriction . It's very fruitful that "We build System and Technologies , we should not constraint from it !" Damn TRUE !

Follow by the next speaker,

Suria Sparks, Life Transforming Inspiration

1) Tell as it is. Don't Fake it . Be True to yourself

- In our past education , we are not educated to failed . We fear failed , we fear mistakes , we hate flaw . That causes majority people so confuse about being true about their self . Suria was open to all her flaw and tragedy ....divorced, home abuse, in debt until can't have a proper meal at the lowest point . If she can embrace her flaw, appreciate whatever shit happened . Why we can't ?

2) Create your own SPARKS ~~

- When you be real and talk to yourself . You will get your sparks .....from the inner of YOU ! You doesn't require to be billionaires or top 10 richest human in the world to share what in your minds . In this "Empowering Individual" (Grab from Karim Rashid ) Century ..You just to need have recording devices, such as camera or cell phone . and INTERNET Connection . There you go .

You are who you are . You have your way to struggle and hustle . People not only looking for how to make money . Some people are looking a remedy or a just a sound for them when they spend their lonely night and keep on thinking

"Why Me ? " "Am I so bad , that people leaves me ? "

" Why all these shit happen to me? ” "Why I'm So Lonely ? "

"Why I so lonely . " "Because people leave me. " "People leaves me cause I'm not good as they think , I'm Bad . " "I'm so bad that cause all these..." and some people will keep on and on .....towards their angel mind . (Angel mind is something I will talk about .....next time)

These are thinking that happens on some peoples who need OUR concern and hands.

You will have your own way to go through of it until now.....when you read this blog .

As long it helps you to get through of whatever shit u had . SHARE IT . ! The world need your sound .

"How you get through your divorce?"

"How to find jobs when you can't get your As piece of Paper ?"

"How to hustle when you had your mum in hospital for months and you need to take care of her and your works at the same time "

When you share about it . THAT IS YOUR CONTENT. ! Believe me . It will attract people who really like about your authenticity . We don't attract everybody , we just attract somebody . That's is enough .

Like how Bat and Whale move in groups ? FREQUENCY . Their own frequency . YOU WILL HAVE YOURS !

"THE POWER OF SECRET"...?? I haven't read that .....But it's SAME !

Conclusion of her speech ,

Be who you are , embrace what it happened . Find the true about yourself and share what make you here ....

It will be your content.....

It will be Your Story .....

The power of STORY will amazed you in many ways , ways that you can't imagine and not expected .

Audience will feel you , like you , know you and lastly trust you .

The Power of STORY TELLING !

Mihnea Gheorghiu - Global Digital Creative Director Publicis

Since 2017, he is the Global Digital Creative Director in Publicis Milan, overseeing all the global work for Heineken. (and a few other brands he cannot mention right now)

Mihnea really speak to my hearts . Peoples tend to get engagement with statistics . But the real value of the statistics still come from PEOPLE . Always ask yourself , what value should be I giving to my audience .

If you in Hijab Business , don't just post

Selling blue hijab

Selling red hijab

Selling high end fabric hijab

Selling silk texture hijab.....

Promotion ....Promotion....Sales.....Less.....Discount .

All these really not adding value . I think we should go into

"How to wear Hijab in the right way to make you look fairer? "

"What type of Hijab should be chosen when your face is allergy to sweat ?"

and etc....

If you are butcher in wet market that selling meat in traditional way .

You still can create a FB pages that providing value to your consumer .

PLEASE DON'T Keep Posting like

"Tomorrow Sales, which part is having offer price !! "

"Eat Meat Eat Meat" attached with the Meat photo .

Perhaps you can go this way .

"How to cook Ribs in Eastern way VS Western Way ? "

"How to BBQ your RIBS in your home sweet home !! "

"How to Eat Meat in the healthy way even you are 60s ? "

This is the real Content and Value that we looking at to have engagement and interaction with people , not the statistic . Be Real and Bold in creating value for your Audience or Consumer .

This is how I did in the past few years ,that strengthen my believe

BOLD AND TRUE to provide Value for Peoples .

Since 2015 till Now .

And it still continue giving me constant engagement and RETURNS .

<Malaysia Top Forum . https://forum.lowyat.net >

I don't get returns and engagement from the start. It takes times to build like what Gary told us so many time. But eventually, it come ....and surprise us in other ways that we are not expected .

Don't Stop ! Whatever people said about your effort and result . Cause , it only slow YOU down ! They don't responsible for YOUR LIFE ! !

Karim Rashid - World's Top Designer

My Design Sparks Point of 2017 .

The total backbone of my education and vision for my team .

#1 Don't live for Formalities , Let go the past, The analog world . Embrace the power to CREATE

The Intensive (Analog ) already move to Extensive (Digital )

#2 Create better experience of current, now for this contemporary moment .

#3 For the past century , Analog world doesn't empower individual . Digital World Does Empower Individual ! We are living in the days of individual empowerment.

#4 Your brain are meant for creativity !!

We used to have "Standard" Design , height , concept , style ...which is not really fit into my mind .

Maybe due to my curiosity that build who I am now . I always look for value added opportunity for people who appreciate my existence .

In my years of experience in Design and Built industry , I always hear

"Standard Height , what is the standard height for your kitchen cabinet ? "

"What is the current trend or concept you done recently ? "

I was ......

"Why you need all these to define your taste ?"

"Why you need to people's perception to define your appreciation and experience ? "

"My real desire is to see people live in the modus of our time, to participate in the contemporary world, and to release themselves from nostalgia, antiquated traditions, old rituals, kitsch and the meaningless." by Karim Rashid.

That so Sync to me and strengthen my mentality and words.

I always talked to my team

"Don't make our client spend money create a kitchen to impress outsiders . Put some love on them , make them love their loved one more .By Understand their loved one's behaviour and concern , So that we can design to satisfy their experience "

The world doesn't lack beauty or fancy thing outside . But It lack of LOVE inside .

"Understand your client , make their life meaningful . Design a new house for them that create impact , good impact that lead them to better life . "

" Visual Appreciation Sparks . After Work Calming Atmosphere. Childhood memories House and so more ! This is what I called Value Added for Our Client . "

For residential, I don't think people move house every years . They only move house the most 3-5 time in whole life . Please appreciate every opportunity that we have to make they life better . Better in experience the environment that specially design for their appreciation and experience .

For commercial, every business approach is crucial . Attention is the most important . Get the REAL Designed Approach to Grab Audience ATTENTION that will lead monetary conversion and follow by the Brands Message .We looking for depth not the width . It's not about how many business you did . It's about how you helping your client to go further and higher of their achievement .

How we improve work flow to save time .

How we design our handling foods to client that will create engagement .

How we unconsciously create space or atmosphere that keep on improve client appetite ?

It's All about User Experience . From Visual to Touch . We can do so much more .

Some people tell me "You just a interior designer, if worst .You just a contractor . Why you think so much and involve so much that might just let people turn you down or ignore you . "

"Nope, I don't think so . If I can make my client less headache on one thing . He can spend his time to manage his expansion more. But If I can make him less more headache? His business expand , I got more jobs if he appreciate my existence. We growth together . If he don't appreciate , I won't loss . I learn things. "

I will stop here . If not , I think this post will be long long to go . My nature of Story Telling that involve

Design , Life , Growth , Value and LOVE !

Gary Vaynerchuk - World's Top Marketing Expert

#1 Online Marketing or Social Marketing is a two end swords . Please make sure your product or services is ready to exposed . It will double or nothing. Nope .It might make you lose all . Please finest your product and services . If your products sucks, Nothing can HELP !

#2 Stay close to the CRAFT ! Adding value to it ! Back to the needs !!

#3 Passive Consumption will be the next things . It's respect people TIME ! We spent too much on Video . It will lead to over acquire time .Time Consuming .

#4 When you ask "How to see When I'm Ready for my entrepreneurship ?" It Really means your not READY ! Get yourself enough shit and hustle . !

#5 Be REAL ! Don't FAKE yourself to approach people or market. People will notice it . When you passion on what you build . You doesn't require to put energy to explain your weakness . You just need to full force and fully harness your strength !

#6 Don't Sell The Unsellable ! It's About individual empowerment . ! It's about how people perceive the value them self . Looks at Bitcoin , Look at CryptoCurrency , Look at Online Education , Look at Crowdfunding . It's all about individual perceive value . Even without political background can be president . What your said ?

Yeah ! That's End on My Fruitful Meet Up with My Inspiration Mentors !!

Hopes sharing of my though can give your inspiration , helps on your 2018 resolution , new though of social marketing, and tell me what you had gain if i'm not stated here . ! If you don't like what I share . JUST IGNORE ! I JUST SHARE MY LOVE AND THOUGHT !


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SUNANTA SAKSOONG who pass away on 25/07/2017 .

When She struggle in ICU, she had depression . I would like to help those who in need .

I would end up this blog post with the latest song by

Luis Fonsi, Demi Lovato - Échame La Culpa


Ok, I don't really, really wanna fight anymore

~(Don't Fight ! Just Hustle and Be faith on Yourself ! Growth on Your Own . Stay Focus ! Don't Fight people's comment or views! You will attract people who love who you are ! ) I don't really, really wanna fake it no more

~(Even she told you don't fake it anymore ! Just be yourself ! Let go your weakness and MAXIMUM your STRENGTH ! ) Play me like The Beatles baby just let it be

~(Even flaw, failure , or what ever shit ..Even old schools band still have it's own follower .Who giving them permission to define individual preferences ?Who are them to judge you ?? !! BE YOURSELF ! JUST LET IT BE ! So come on put the blame on me, yeah

~(We don't give a shit of blaming ! Only Weaker looking reason for failure . They NEED a reason for BLAMING ! WE DON'T ! The more they blame , the more we grow ! HUSTLE !!! )

Original Youtube Link here

Above comment is PURELY my expression of feeling for this song which really give me inspiration . It's doesn't represent the message of the original content .

Video Credit to

Luis Fonsi, Demi Lovato - Échame La Culpa

Published on 16 Nov 2017


Music video by Luis Fonsi, Demi Lovato performing Échame La Culpa. (C) 2017 UMG Recordings, Inc. Best of Luis Fonsi https://goo.gl/Ubi5AD Subscribe for more https://goo.gl/nkhcGc http://vevo.ly/FgY9ro

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