I'm SO Scare about KETO~Top 3 Reason I Hate KETO DIET ! It Changes People . TOXIC ! Don't Sh

Recently being involved in a healing diet~~KETO . Please finish this post , you will roughly know what is KETO .

How I started ? I was introduced by my friend . He just told me "Keep eat FAT also slim ya , Ask you scare or not ?"

Before this, I did do some research on Low Carbs diet ...and fews exploration regarding diet without RICE ! and CARBOHYDRATE ....But When I really made my mind and start KETO is on March...

There is always many reason for us to Start Tomorrow...

In my minds was ...just low take carbo like Rice...Noodles....Bread....

BUT ITS WAS A WRONG AND BIG NO NO !Actually is about our consumption of energy ...Which is can be divided to SUGAR or FAT. NATURAL FAT.

Disclaimer, I am not a certified medical doctor/ nutritionist etc, these info are based on self study, research and also self-proven practices and results. Make your own well-informed decision/choice after the readings and further self research. If you have any underlying ailments or are on medication, pls consult your physician/doctor prior to

TOP 1-Appearance ! -Weight Lost + Waist size Drop !

Even my sister ask ....

"Our Weight Machine Spoilt already ah ? How come ah ?So FAST Drop de ?"

Waistline Reduce lo..Pants cannot pakai la~~

From XL size to M size .

It's really help me reduce my weight from 84 kg to 65kg . When on keto , you will feel that your body turning into fat burning machine . Even I'm Consuming A LOT of FAT !!! Of courses is good fat . Please look at the the stuff for my Stomach .

It's really better than Chicken Breast and Broccoli Only .

And Please . KETO is a HEALING Diet. Weight Loss is BONUS !





2nd Reason - Personal Growth - No Friend jio happy hour or chill ANYMORE !!!! Am I able be so Discipline with those Seduction ?I really can be that Consistency ? I have Discipline geh meh ? My Sec School Teacher don't think so leh .

It's Really about INTENTION . What is my INTENTION ?


Slim ?

To help anybody that looking for a solution to keep their body ,in terms of size and health.

The Mindset start from here. We give back to society with many ways . This is MY WAY .

I observe this healing KETO diet , study from PRACTITIONER , learn from seniors and growth with the #keto4lyfe group .

If I CAN, maybe YOU can . If my video can help 1 person thats is enough , But it can help more than that ? The concept like teach people fishing instead of feed them with FISH . Get off from health issue , get off from insulin injection , get off from hormone issues and etc...... That is a bliss . Which really make me feel good .

I don't expect return from anyone , that is my way of getting happiness . It just like I doing charity like donating $$ to monk and less fortune people , Is a same act .

And this is MY INTENTION. Create a better life with peoples. And because of this INTENTION.

IT get me rid of those SEDUCTION...and BUILD my CONSISTENT . !

3rd Reason -Personal Health Issues I really slowdown Economy GROWTH ! I stop my medication for my stomach , gastric problem . Less Coffee and NO Nescafe Intake ! No More Brands Chicken Essences !

I had been in medication for more than a years. My gastric and stomach problem .

I need to consume medicine before meal, 2-3 times at least .

Domperidone 10mg x 2 tablet

Hyoscine 10mg x 2 tablet

Pantoprazole 10mg x 1 tablet ...

I really geng leh ...Like digimon evolve ah .. from

Pantoprazole 10mg maximum 3 times a days evolve to 40mg daily .

If my breakfast and lunch gap more than 4 hours.....It started with bloating ....and If I don't take

medication . It will make my stomach bloating and feel weak , and stomach cramp for hours and sometimes expand till days .

After Keto , My 1st meal maybe at 10am . and my 2nd meal is around 8++pm . Cause i get off from works at 6-7pm , reach home and cook . When the time I consume it , (cause bath after cooking) tentatively around 8-9pm . Without any Medicine. It's was really a Gift for myself .


My habits of coffee previously was really BAD.

At least 2 times a day , maximum can reach 4-5 times a DAY . RM 20-30/day

Nescafe can drink , at least 2 can a day . RM 5-6.xx/day

Brands Chicken Essences Daily , RM 12x-13x for 1 carton , 24 bottle . Daily at RM 5.xx-6.xx /day

I TELL YOU ! I no longer in medication for my stomach and gastric . NO BLOATING !

Every Week I didn't spend RM 6x-7x.00 on medication, pharmacy for the ECONOMY GROWTH !

Every Week I didn't Spend RM 3x-4x.00 on BRANDs Chicken Essences

Every Week I didn't Spend RM 40-1xx.00 on Coffee and Nescafe , Caffeine product .

How Come will like that ? WAT SO SPECIAL ABOUT KETO ? Finish this post . It will tell you why !

There will be link to tell you . Video to show you .

Conclusion of my of KETO/CARNIVORE DIET !

It really a DIET which can help to build a person to BETTER LIFE Experience . I Don't Know about YOU . It teach me and build mine .......

1st - Discipline

The discipline of reject what is TOXIC , regardless Peoples, Habit, Foods .

The discipline of embrace the consistency of building a habits

People are so SPECIAL . Chinese always SAID " You won't Scared Until U see Your Funeral Coffin ! "

唔見棺材 唔流眼淚

2nd - Mindset about KNOWLEDGE Acceptance

Who the burglar define Chinese must consume RICE ?

Why we need to consume those Commercial Ads builds FOOD to define our HAPPINESS FROM FOOD ?

What make the world BEAUTIFY the fact of diabetes kills more than smoking kills. ?


The Intention of Showing Kindness to Prove a WAY that MIGHT help PEOPLES . I join the group keto4lyfe.

A group purely in advise people how to start keto . No product Selling . A group of people who from different country that pure sharing way of cookings , type of food to consume for the sake of

HELPING PPL GET RID FROM HEALTH PROBLEM. Better living experiences ! The one and only REASON !

No Joining Fees, No Product Selling . You will feel the LOVE of KINDNESS !

Here I wanted to Thanks DAVID , the groups founders ! PRACTITIONER , MENTOR , GURU without him . I won't achieve this RESULT .

AND JACKY YONG. This is the fellow that tell me "Keep eat FAT also slim ya , Ask you scare or not ?"

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